Research Project Environmental Protection in Indian Country.

Blog Assignment #3 – AIS-320

Research Question and Prospectus
Then, in one or two paragraphs, the student needs to indicate why they chose the topic and what they may expect to discover in the course of their research.

In what ways has the Navajo Nation been exploited for their energy resources? How was and how has Council of Energy Resource Tribes been able to benefit the Navajo Nation, helping them profit and avoid exploitation? In this research project my hope is to take an in depth look at ways in which the Navajo Nation has been exploited for energy resources, and what the main type of energy is in the region. I also plan to look at Council of Energy Resource Tribes involvement with Navajo Nation to find what lead to their success as partners.

This will be my first big research project. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a research inter with American Indian College Fund over the summer and I feel that this project will be my first real chance to take what I learned and apply it to my education. My hope in this research project is to find ways that Council of Energy Resource Tribes has benefited the Navajo Nation and target a specific energy resource that the Navajo Nation and CERT worked together to make a successful source of revenue. The reason that I chose the Navajo Nation is because they are one of the largest tribes with the largest reservations and the most tribal members. I believe that the information available about the Navajo Nation and their involvement with Council of Energy Resource Tribes will be readily available and I feel that of all the energy resources that Navajo have available can relate closely to most other tribes. Other tribes with similar resources may benefit from the information available from the Navajo Nations experiences with CERT. Tribal members will be able to use the information collected from my research to see what resources are available in the southwest and other areas, they will also gain knowledge on what lead to the success of the Navajo Nations involvement with Council of Energy Resource tribes.


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