Resilience against Global Warming

This August 31, 2014 article by Bob Berwyn is called, “Federal Funds Boost Native American Climate Resilience Efforts” the topic of the article is also the caption used for the picture that is provided by the source for the article, “Global Warming poses a serious threat to Native American Communities .”

Bob Berwyn is of European blood and he came to live in the United States later in life. Mr. Berwyn began working in and around the Western United States at lodges and volunteering as a naturalist for the Mono Lake Committee. Mr. Berwyn’s expertise in environmental knowledge comes from his experience living and working in and around Nature, mainly in Colorado which is where he lives now. It was in 1996 when Mr. Berwyn decided he would use his environmental knowledge to try to do good and at that time that he signed on to work full time as a staff reporter for the Summit Daily News.

I do not believe there would be any reason to be biased in this case because the author is simply providing the information to the reader. However, in Mr. Berwyn’s bio, it states that he wants to use his environmental knowledge for good. A second possible reason for choosing to write this article on this specific topic may come from Mr. Berwyn living in Colorado, his home or places near his home may also be an area that is damaged by global warming who may see some benefit from the Federal Funding.

The article seemed to provide some good information as to what the plan of attack is and who will be getting involved. There is going to be four key areas where federal grant money could possibly be awarded to tribes or organizations who are looking to stop or slow down the progression of global warming. Those areas are, “development and delivery of climate adaptation training; adaptation planning, vulnerability assessments and monitoring; capacity building through travel support for climate change training, technical sessions, and cooperative management forums; and travel support for participation in ocean and coastal planning .”

I believe the author did a good job of providing information. There were a few specifics that stood out to me and the first of those was that, funding will be made available to educate tribal youth in an effort to educate our future tribal leaders in environmental issues, and also allow them to get involved in conferences and workshops starting at a young age. I believe this to be important because starting to educate our future leaders at a young age is crucial to the survival of tribal ways including Traditional Ecological Knowledge. I believe that TEK’s are going to be a driving force in the preservation of our resources as well as the avoidance of further environmental damage such as global warming. The second point that stood out to me was that, these Federal Government reps. are admitting that Tribal Nations are capable of leading the fight against environmental injustices and they also know that tribal Nations are at the forefront of the damage caused because of the change in the respect for the environment by the surrounding communities. It is my hope that this is an honest effort from our Government rather than another financial endeavor disguised as one.

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One thought on “Resilience against Global Warming”

  1. I agree with your point, as well as the authors point, of actively involving our Indigenous youth. TEK is vital to the existence of us Indigenous peoples as well as for the next seven generations yet to come. I am happy to notice that many “Environmentalist” groups are starting to recognize and acknowledge us Indigenous peoples as those who have always been on the frontlines of environmental concerns, e.g. Indigenous peoples leading the Climate March on Sept.2014 in New York City, NY. I have hope too that the government will help us Indigenous peoples rather than opposing us.


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